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Parent Testimonials

Mother of Evan & Annabelle: "Fahimeh's main strengths, from my observation, is her capability to motivate children. She always seemed genuinely interested in my children's mental development and presented new ways of learning that captured their attention"

Mother of Jasper: "We consider ourselves lucky that our son was accepted into Fahimeh's home-based daycare. We could not ask for a better and safer place for our son when he is not with us.  We appreciate very much that she offers healthy, wholesome food, and encourages children to try new dishes"

Mother of Sean and Sydney (twins): "Fahimeh cared for my children for 2.5 years. They truly thrived while under her supervision! Fahimeh understood their changing needs as they grew and developed, providing them with age-appropriate toys, activities, and educational materials. When they left Fahimeh to attend pre-school, my twins were well prepared because of Fahimeh's efforts, teaching them letters, numbers, shapes, and colors.  Fahimeh is also an excellent cook.  The children were fed nutritious lunches and snacks.  I was always well-informed about their diet and consulted when she wanted to try new foods." 

Mother of Scottie and Eddie: "It is such a comfort to know our sons are in such good hands while we are both busy at work.  Fahimeh knows what toys, activities, etc. are perfect for our kids at every stage of development. Our sons love "going to school" and it is no wonder, given the exceptional care Fahimeh provides to them and their friends.  It is obvious how much Fahimeh loves "her kids"; pictures of all the children adorn the walls of the daycare rooms."

Mother of Omar: "Fahimeh gives our son love, safety, a warm home environment, learning opportunities, fun and security. Not only is our son safe and happy during the day but we also became friends with Fahimeh and her family. Her home is inviting, smoke free, sunny and cheerful with direct access to a wonderful backyard.  With Fahimeh, our son is being given the attention and care that he deserves and we are very grateful that we found Fahimeh."

Mother of Colby: "Fahimeh provides a loving, safe, and fun environment for children of all ages. She has a wide variety of toys, books, and games, which are always changing and exciting for the kids.  For a fun afternoon, she sets up a sandbox with shovels and buckets in the backyard. Inside, she lets them do play-dough or color with markers, and sometimes she will pull out her guitar and have a sing-along.  Her energy and genuine love for the children creates a safe and fun environment, and parents are lucky to have their children in her care."

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